Given the current health media messages, you might think that sodium chloride (table salt) was toxic to the body especially as concerns high blood pressure/hypertension but reducing sodium as-much-as-possible is not the fix-all that we’ve been led to believe for high blood pressure. In fact, it can be harmful.

You want to know how or why and what to do to be free? Then read on…

I know this is going to sound odd but the truth is the human body actually has to have sodium to survive!

Sodium is one of the crucial electrolytes present in the body that controls important physiological functions. For example our kidneys use electrolytes to regulate the amount of water in the body since the body is well about 60% water.

When you have too much sodium it causes the body to retain water, so the kidney releases less water and vice versa. Of a truth, too high levels of sodium can promote narrowing of arteries, hence high blood pressure.

But wait a minute. ..this is just an oversimplified version of this dynamic and reason why a lot of people eliminate salt from their diet to avoid hypertension.

Let’s look at true root causes and what should be addressed

  1. Insulin resistance
  2. Inflammation
  3. Poor diet
  4. Poor methylation
  5. Suboptimal levels of magnesium
  6. Inadequate potassium
  7. Stress
  8. Sedentary lifestyle
  9.  Toxins
  10. Gut dysbiosis
  11. Low grade simmering infection in the body

If you are able to deal with all these based on your bio-individuality, then you are on your way to being hypertension free for life and you can achieve this without the use of drugs.



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