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What our clients say

You Are Awesome! I will like to say a BIG THANK YOU.. This is coming from my heart and I cannot but write this to you. Ever since I've been under your care and guidance, my health has been on a recovery pace which still baffles me. The coaching sessions and check ups are worth it.. High Blood Pressure isn't to be joked with...but you made it simple and I'm recovering better than I can imagine. Thank you so very much coach... With you, Full Recovery Isn't Far Away. With all my heart... God bless You.

M. Tijani

I have battled high blood pressure for over 10 years and this has taken a heavy toll on my productivity, as it had cost me a top executive position in the Financial Sector. Infact, I had resigned and given up because I had tried different treatment and therapy plans and processes. In 2019, someone introduced me to Rebirth By Nature and I got a new insight into my health challenges. I was told that instead of the synthetic drugs I had used unsuccessfully, I should try the treatment based on my food and lifestyle adaptation. After 3 months of a novel approach I started seeing a radical change and today, and nearly 8 months into the management by Rebirth by Nature, my high blood pressure challenges have become history. I mean it is completely in the past.

Dapo Iji

Before I started my journey with Rebirth By Nature, I was quite sick. I had suffered Asthma and Atopic Dermatitis for years. At Rebirth By Nature, I was given a set of herbs. I wasn’t particularly faithful at first. Coach Ade kept monitoring me and I got on track. After a few weeks, I realized I hadn’t used my inhaler at all!! She called to ask after my health, I gave her a report. She proceeded to ask about my skin and I was very surprised to find that I had healed without even noticing it!! I am truly grateful for Rebirth by Nature and Coach Ade, who is both selfless and dedicated! Thank you so much!!

Tolu O.

Adejumoke Ladejobi is the functional medicine coach you want to be under. I have had hypertension for 4 years and had been on prescription drugs prior to seeing her. What made me choose coach Ade was her extensive knowledge about high blood pressure and the many alternative treatments she offered. Her unending up to date extensive research, her use and knowledge about vitamin supplements, her openness and sincerity.6 months later I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She is with you every step of the way and your wins are her wins.   5 stars for her!

Tola Alade

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