A very common outcome of  an imbalanced blood sugar is Diabetes Mellitus. The diagnosis, Diabetes Mellitus comes when there is a condition of substantially high blood sugar, often diagnosed with the hemoglobin A1c that shows the high blood sugar is sustained or chronic as well. But behind the scenes, the dynamic is about a progressive state in which cells are suffering from insufficient action of insulin.

Contrary to popular belief that eating sugar or carbohydrates is the cause of T2D, Type 2 Diabetes is a progressive metabolic disease where the body becomes resistant to insulin action and over time, we end up with orchestrated systemic metabolic dysfunction, including fatty liver, increase in adipose tissue or body fat, dysregulated metabolic processes, and insulin resistance.

Other factors include stress, toxic exposure, poor sleep and more. All of these can be adequately taken care of when you choose to make the changes that your body needs for it to heal.

We have worked with clients to put this disease dynamic into remission without the use of drugs. Our mode of operation includes:

  • Discovery session, where we help you discover the true root cause of your diabetes, apart from the possibility of inheriting it from a parent.
  • Mapping out the recovery journey/plan
  • Personalized meal plan to support your wellness journey
  • Supplement recommendation to support nutrient deficiencies
  • Lifestyle recommendation to improve insulin sensitivity
  • Client handout/study materials
  • Education, inspiration and empowerment to help improve your quality of life and longevity.

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