Very quickly today,  I want to share with you something that will help you know how healthy you really are.

*It’s called the waist to height ratio or the string test* and all you need is a string.

*What is the weight to height ratio and why is it important?*

It is the measurement of your waist taken against your height to help you determine the distribution of fat in your body and how easily predisposed you are to cardiovascular disease and other related ones. It simply helps you identify early health risk.

*How to take the measurement*

1. Using a string, measure from your heel to the top of your head

2. Fold the string into two

3. Take it round your waist

The string should go round your waist and better still, your waist circumference should be less than half of your height.

If the string doesn’t fit round, then there is trouble. Note that this is a more effective check than BMI.

BMI helps you to know if you’re overweight, underweight or at an appropriate body weight but it doesn’t tell you about fat distribution. You can have a good BMI but with the fat deposited in the wrong place and this is dangerous.

So, let’s get a string and try out this simple test. You can share your result with us if you like. Bottom line is to do it and know where you are at and take precautions.

Stay blessed and healthy 😘😘


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